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Special Chem

Special Chem


La marketplace Special Chem propose des produits chimiques et matériaux à destination des professionnels. Les clients accèdent à des références proposées par des fournisseurs internationaux, classées dans six grandes catégories, de la cosmétique aux revêtements et enduits. Special Chem joue ici le rôle de la mise en relation, et n’intervient pas directement dans la vente des produits.

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Engineering plastics are a group of plastic materials that have better mechanical and/or thermal properties than more widely used commodity plastics, such as polystyrene, polypropylene and polyethylene. In general, they are produced in lower quantities than for high volume ends. Typical examples of engineering plastics include polycarbonate, polyamides and polysulfones (...)

The consumption of plastic products over the years has been producing large numbers of waste material, which accumulate by landfill generating considerable environmental problems. Among biodegradable polymers, there is the PHB (poly-3-hydroxybutyrate), which has attracted more attention once it is obtained from renewable sources (...)

A two-component curable solventless adhesive which enables a laminated composite film comprising a barrier layer and a plastic film laminated with each other to maintain excellent appearance and adhesive strength for a long period even after a sterilization treatment at high temperature (...)

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